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Alta CableSki: 
The Wakepark Builders.

The Company:                                                                                                
Alta CableSki was founded in the south of Germany in the year 1986 by the CableSki builder Mr. Ernst Otto.  After the retirement of Mr Otto, the company
was moved to the Netherlands. Since the early days of the company, over 40
Cableways were built by Alta CableSki.
Today Alta CableSki is a part of a company that also operates several Wakeparks. Because of that Alta CableSki has knowledge of both designing / constructing wakeparks and operating them. This is very usefull for our clients.

Alta CableSki: from project to completion.
Our goal is to create a Cablepark for our customers that can be succesfully operated for decades.

Depending our clients' wishes, Alta CableSki can start from zero and finish a WakePark turnkey.
Starting from the drawing board by sketching out the lay out of the park, Alta CableSki designs a Wakepark in cooperation with its clients in order to create a Wakepark that complies with the client's every wish.

When the lay out is satisfactory to the client, Alta CableSki delivers a complete set of structure calculations and drawings, needed for the required building pemits. All structure calculations are according to Eurocode 1.
When the client has received the required building permits, Alta CableSki will start to build the installation. The time that Alta CableSki BV needs to install a complete Wakepark is approximately 5 weeks, depending on the specifications.


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